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Country Park Coverage
SmarTone’s excellent network coverage currently reaches remote areas such as country parks, hiking and nature trails. Stay connected outdoor and enjoy your next adventure worry-free.
Network Coverage
Kowloon Hills
Ma On Shan
Shing Mun
Kei Ling Ha
Kam Shan
Yuen Ng Fan
Tsuen Kam Au
Robin’s Nest
Long Ke
Nga Ying Shan
Tai Lam Chung
Chung Pui
Tai Long Au
Shek Pik
Nam Shan
Sai Wan Shan
Wong Chuk Yeung
Ap Chau
Tung Lung Chau
Tai Ho
Kau Sai Chau
Shek Uk Shan
Cloudy Hill
Pak Kung Au
Tai Tong
Ngau Kwu Long
Tai Fung Au
Bride's Pool Road

The visual shown is for illustrating the coverage of our network.
Actual customer Internet experience within the country parks can be varied due to factors such as the geographical locations of user and the base stations, conditions of landscape (hill features, valleys, woodlands), the download server resources, Internet traffic conditions, the number of users, users’ devices and other factors that may arise.

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Emergency Numbers
999 or 112
Fire Control Centre
Auxiliary Medical Service
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